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A little bit of sunshine

The sun is shining, my three little cherubs are playing harmoniously in the garden (read: taking turns tripping each other up on the trampoline) and I have a spare moment to try out a new recipe from an excellent blog that a friend suggested to me: Dinner A Love Story. Now whilst I am lucky enough that my eldest girls are junior foodies, I can't quite guarantee that everything served up for tea will be greeted with the same kind of enthusiasm that, say, Waitrose Finest's pizza will be. "Mummy, this is DELICIOUS, you are the best cookerer ever!" Thanks girls. It came out of a box. So, tonight, to go along with the parmesan and polenta-crusted plaice and minty mushy peas, I wanted to try these chips (, as in my children's minds chips/fries/crisps elevate any meal into the treat category.

We're having sweet potato later in the week (Eating Well's black bean & sweet potato chilli) so I just used white potatoes instead. Also, my oven is on the hot side (generally temp is out by a whopping 30 degrees) and so I did need to keep my eye on them but after 15 mins at 220 they were crispy, crunchy and the perfect vehicle for persuading my littlest to eat her greens. Look....chip, mushy peas, KETCHUP - yum!

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